Sample Solutions offers you direct contact to a wide range of respondents through their mobile devices, giving you  the ability to quickly gather feedback that is more representative for your research.

Not sure what you get from SMS Surveys?

These are just some of the benefits


Fast Responses

Sample Solutions offers SMS Surveys in every language to respondents who answer in real time using any type of mobile phone. This gives you access to data collection for large audiences at an extremely fast pace and cost effective price, with an impressive rate of 50 SMS sent per second.


Customized Surveys

Don’t have time to create a survey? Not a problem! Our team can create and customize your questionnaire. Through our SMS Platform, you can choose features such as Opt-in, routing, opt-out and reminders. Check it out here and we’ll instantly send you an SMS survey.


Worldwide Coverage

We offer global coverage of 1-way SMS surveys and are currently expanding coverage of our dynamic 2-way SMS surveys. The 2-way SMS survey platform gives you immediate access to unreachable individuals living in rural areas without landlines, and people without smartphones.

Why SMS surveys?
Global Coverage
24 hour turnaround

Endless Possibilities

We enable survey design and customization to your specifications and preferences.

Your Data, Your Results

Deliverables include access to downloaded data in multiple formats (XLS, SPSS, CSV) and premium statistics.

Fast Results

Monitor progress and receive SMS customer feedback within approximately 24 hours of sent surveys.

High Open and Response Rates

Break-up with traditional email marketing and make the switch to SMS marketing.  Close to half of SMS recipients respond to SMS while email marketing only receives a response rate of about six percent, which makes them far less effective than SMS messages.

No Internet Access Required

Anyone with access to a mobile phone can participate in our surveys, regardless of internet connection.

No spam ever!

Your participants will never receive any unsolicited text messages as a result of survey participation.


We are able to reach people in rural and inaccessible areas where F2F or CATI surveys are impossible to conduct.

Nokia 3310, feature or smart phone!

SMS surveys by Sample Solutions are compatible with any device that can send a text, not just a smartphone, so everyone can contribute.